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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL24247 Remove filterFeb 21, 2024
Global profiling of Nkx2.2 SD-domain mutant pancreas during development and adulthood compared to transcriptional profiling of SD-domain mutant expressing neural progenitors.
27 Elena Abarinov Feb 21, 2024
RNA-seq analysis comparing Spry1flox/flox mice back epidermis to the back epidermis derived from Spry1 epidermis specific knockout mice
6 Yingzhe Cui Feb 21, 2024
Smart-seq analysis comparing melanocytes from Spry1flox/flox mice tail epidermis to the melanocytes derived from Spry1 epidermis specific knockout mice tail and back epidermis
9 Yingzhe Cui Feb 21, 2024
RNA sequencing of murine in vitro differentiated and repetitively activated, antigen-experienced TCF1+CD8+ T cells after PGE2 treatment and stimulation [bulk RNA-Seq]
16 Gustavo P. de Almeida Feb 21, 2024
Single-cell RNA-sequencing and single-cell TCR-sequencing of tumour-infiltrating CD8+ T cells derived from mouse BRAFV600E melanoma [scRNA-Seq + TCR 10x]
12 Gustavo P. de Almeida Feb 21, 2024
PGE2 curtails IL-2-dependent effector expansion from tumour-infiltrating stem-like CD8+ T cells to promote cancer immune escape
28 Gustavo P. de Almeida Feb 21, 2024
Sphingosine 1-phosphate maintains naïve T cell by regulating apoptotic signaling
17 Dhaval Dixit Feb 21, 2024
Redox-sensitive high-mobility group box-1 isoforms contribute to liver fibrosis progression and resolution in mice
20 Xiaodong Ge Feb 21, 2024
Apparent loss of PRC2 chromatin occupancy as an artefact of RNA depletion
37 Evan Healy Feb 21, 2024
Transcriptome of lung endothelial cells in SARS-CoV-2 infection model
12 Kyoko Hida Feb 21, 2024
Retinal Ly6Clow Mo/MΦ protect optic nerve against injury
12 xialin liu Feb 21, 2024
Single-cell profiling identifies a specific monocyte subset for neuroregeneration
2 xialin liu Feb 21, 2024
MSC-sEV regulates Ly6Clow Mo/MΦ in neural restoration
14 xialin liu Feb 21, 2024
Aging-associated Decline in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Mechanosensation is Mediated by Piezo1 Channel
2 Ngoc Luu Feb 21, 2024
Pharmacological HIF-1 activation synergically upregulated exosome production with adiponectin through induction and stabilization of T-cadherin
12 Daisuke Motooka Feb 21, 2024
A common allele increases endometrial Wnt4 expression, with antagonistic implications for pregnancy, reproductive cancers, and endometriosis
10 Mihaela Pavlicev Feb 21, 2024
Network-based screening identifies sitagliptin as an antitumor drug targeting dendritic cells
8 Haidong Tang Feb 21, 2024
scRNA-seq analysis of tumor-infiltrating CD45+ cells from sitagliptin-treated mice
2 Haidong Tang Feb 21, 2024