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Accession Title Series type(s) Organism(s) Samples GDS Supplementary Contact Release date
Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL24247 Remove filterSep 09, 2020
Epigenomic Landscape of Mouse Brain by Single Nucleus Methylation Sequencing [CEMBA180911_4H]
1221 Joseph R Ecker Sep 09, 2020
H1 linker histones regulate the balance of repressive and active chromatin domains via localized genomic compaction [Hi-C]
4 Boris Bartholdy Sep 09, 2020
Single Cell RNA sequencing of mouse SQ tumor from C57BL/6 with or with liver tumor.
6 Jennifer Anne Smith Sep 09, 2020
Scalable Dual-omic Profiling with Single-nucleus Chromatin Accessibility and mRNA Expression Sequencing 2 (SNARE-seq2)
12 Kun Zhang Sep 09, 2020