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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL24247 Remove filterJul 07, 2022
Single-cell RNA sequencing of pancreatic islets from obese mice with different diabetes risk reveals diabetes-susceptible β cell clusters
4 Pascal Gottmann Jul 07, 2022
Single-cell RNA-sequencing of immune cells (CD45+) from the tumor microenvironment
6 DBM Bioinformatics Core Facility Jul 07, 2022
Notch activity in tumor cells shapes interferon-gamma response and immune microenvironment in glioma
32 DBM Bioinformatics Core Facility Jul 07, 2022
Histone H3K36me2 and H3K36me3 form a chromatin platform essential for DNMT3A-dependent DNA methylation in mouse oocytes
45 Hiroyuki Sasaki Jul 07, 2022
Next generation sequencing analysis of mouse adrenal glands after a one-hour dexamethasone treatment
4 Sophia Zheng Jul 07, 2022
Next generation sequencing analysis in Y-1 mouse adrenocortical cells after dexamethasone treatment
9 Sophia Zheng Jul 07, 2022
Bulk RNA-Seq on GBM cells from NPCTKO and NSCHRas-shp53 mouse models
7 Xuan Liu Jul 07, 2022
Single RNA-Seq on GBM cells from NPCTKO mouse models
2 Xuan Liu Jul 07, 2022
Identification of genes downregulated after Mettl3 knockdown under DNA damage conditions in E1A;HRasV12 expressing mouse embryonic fibroblasts
6 Nitin Raj Jul 07, 2022
Characterization of the crosstalk between Notch signaling and hypoxia
30 Tobias Friedrich Jul 07, 2022
Multiple knockout mouse models indicate a role of miR-124a in neuronal maturation
6 Daisuke Motooka Jul 07, 2022
Transcriptomes Analysis of 4NQO induced-esophageal tumors of Wild Type and S100A14 CKO mice
4 Xukun Li Jul 07, 2022
Acidovorax temperans skews neutrophil maturation and polarizes Th17 cells to promote lung adenocarcinoma development
8 Joshua Stone Jul 07, 2022