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Distinct processes and transcriptional targets underlie CDX2 requirements in intestinal stem cells and differentiated villus cells
11 Ramesh Shivdasani Sep 15, 2015
Acquired tissue-specific promoter bivalency is a basis for PRC2 necessity in adult somatic cells
23 Ramesh Shivdasani May 20, 2016
Dynamic Reorganization of Chromatin Accessibility Signatures during Dedifferentiation of Secretory Precursors into Lgr5+ Intestinal Stem Cells
49 Ramesh Shivdasani Jun 01, 2017
Transcription factor-dependent ‘anti-repressive’ mammalian enhancers exclude H3K27me3 from extended genomic domains
47 Ramesh Shivdasani Jan 11, 2018
Extensive recovery of embryonic enhancer and gene memory stored in hypomethylated enhancer DNA.
52 Ramesh Shivdasani Mar 14, 2019
Replicational dilution of H3K27me3 in mammalian cells and the role of poised promoters
47 Ramesh Shivdasani Jan 17, 2020
Ascl2-dependent cell differentiation drives regeneration of abated intestinal stem cells
19 Ramesh Shivdasani Jan 17, 2020
Retinoic Acid Related Receptor Orphan Receptor a (RORa) expressing T regulatory cells thwart type-2 cutaneous allergic inflammation
15 Ramesh Shivdasani Mar 26, 2018
Chromatin and tissue plasticity precede commitment to intestinal differentiation during endoderm development
74 Ramesh Shivdasani Oct 26, 2018