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5C-ID: Increased resolution Chromosome-Conformation-CaptureCarbon-Copy with in situ 3C and double alternating primer design
7 Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins May 07, 2018
LADL: Light-activated dynamic looping for endogenous gene expression control
20 Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins Jun 24, 2019
Local Genome Topology Can Exhibit an Incompletely Rewired 3D-Folding State During Somatic Cell Reprogramming
20 Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins May 05, 2016
Three-dimensional genome restructuring across timescales of activity-induced neuronal gene expression
44 Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins May 27, 2020
YY1 and CTCF Orchestrate a 3D Chromatin Looping Switch during Early Neural Lineage Commitment
16 Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins May 22, 2017