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Single-cell RNAsequencing of the ventral rhombomere 1 of the developing mouse [INDROPS]
2 Kaia Achim Oct 10, 2020
Postnatal expansion of the lymph node stromal cell pool towards reticular and CD34+ stromal cell subsets [scRNA-seq]
7 Joern Pezoldt Oct 07, 2022
RNA-Seq and snRNA-seq analysis of Sleep deprivation in Wildtype Mice
16 Lucia Peixoto Apr 17, 2023
Medial prefrontal cortex transcriptome changes in germ-free mice
12 Roman M Stilling Jan 14, 2016
The dual role of LSD1 and HDAC3 in STAT5-dependent transcription is determined by protein interactions, binding affinities, motifs and genomic positions [RNA-seq]
27 Aikaterini Nanou Nov 30, 2016
SOX7 supresses the expression of RUNX1 target genes during EHT
12 Andrew Joshua Lilly Nov 07, 2016
Methyl-seq and ChIP-seq analyses of TSPAN8-high and TSPAN8-low subpopulations of ID4-EGFP+ undifferentiated spermatogonia
10 Brian P. Hermann Apr 24, 2017
Single-cell profiling of tumor infiltrating T cells
384 Ruben Dries Nov 26, 2017
Genome-wide analysis of gene expression in mouse embryonic stem cells when individual glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK3) paralog is inhibited via chemical genetic approach
8 Liang Hu Feb 21, 2018
Differential impact of Dicer deficiency on microglia of the developing and adult brain
52 Steffen Jung Jun 20, 2017
IL-6/Stat3-Dependent Induction of Distinct, Obesity-Associated Natural Killer Cells Deteriorates Energy and Glucose Homeostasis
63 Sebastian Theurich Jul 05, 2017
Innate immune sensing of cytosolic chromatin fragments through cGAS promotes senescence
24 Selene Glück Jun 20, 2017
Response of murine lymphatic endothelial cells to stimulation with vascular enothelial growth factor-C (VEGF-C)
15 Shann S Yu Dec 31, 2018
The Estrogen Receptor α (ERα) has stage- and cell type-specific roles in the mammary epithelium with distinct requirements for activation function-1 and -2
6 George A Sflomos Oct 01, 2018
Regulation of mesenchymal stem to transit amplifying cell transition in the continuously growing mouse incisor [Histone ChIP]
2 Paul T. Sharpe Mar 12, 2019
Regulation of mesenchymal stem to transit amplifying cell transition in the continuously growing mouse incisor [Ring1b ChIP]
2 Paul T. Sharpe Mar 12, 2019
Haematopoetic RNA-seq from ultra low input
6 Asifa Akhtar Mar 13, 2020
RNA changes in the cortex of 1-month old ICR mice overexpressing microRNA142-GFP compared to controls overexpressing tdtomato in the cortical neurons as determined by mRNA deep sequencing.
10 Salil Sharma Jul 24, 2018
RNA changes in hippocampus of transgenic murine model of tauopathy (rTg4510 mice) compared to controls at asymptomatic stage (2 months) of neurodegeneration as determined by mRNA deep sequencing.
11 Salil Sharma Jul 24, 2018
Next Generation Sequencing for Quantitative Transcriptomic Profiling of TLR3, TLR7 and TLR8 Activation in Neurons
15 Yi-Ping Hsueh May 15, 2018