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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL19057 Remove filterTXT Remove filterJan 01, 2018
EZH1 as a key epigenetic barrier to definitive haematopoiesis during embryonic development
58 Melissa Kinney Jan 01, 2018
Genome-wide H3K4me3 and gene expression before and after methionine restriction in human cancer cells and mouse liver
28 Jason W Locasale Jan 01, 2018
Metabolic exhaustion of T cells in chronic infection is mediated by inhibitory receptor PD-1 and T cell receptor dependent transcription factor IRF4
37 Wei Shi Jan 01, 2018
Transcriptome-wide profiling of translation efficiency using mRNA-seq and Ribo-seq in ER stress-induced NIH3T3 cells
8 Yumi Woo Jan 01, 2018
IL-7-dependent STAT1 activation limits homeostatic CD4+ T cell expansion
83 Timothy G Myers Jan 01, 2018
RNA sequencing of dendritic cells undergoing interaction with T cells in vivo
14 Ang Cui Jan 01, 2018