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Postnatal expansion of the lymph node stromal cell pool towards reticular and CD34+ stromal cell subsets [scRNA-seq]
7 Joern Pezoldt Oct 07, 2022
Vitamin A treatment rescues neonatal infection-induced durably impaired lymph node function (scRNA-Seq)
2 Mangge Zou Dec 31, 2023
Map3k2-regulated intestinal stromal cells define a distinct intestine stem cell niche for tissue repair
21 Hongxiang Sun Aug 15, 2020
T cell receptor is required for differentiation but not maintenance of intestinal CD4+ intraepithelial lymphocytes
28 Tiago Castro Oct 02, 2020
Mild dehydration effects on the murine kidney single nucleus transcriptome and chromatin accessibility
8 Kelly Anne Hyndman Oct 13, 2023
Using combined single-cell gene expression, TCR sequencing and cell surface protein barcoding to characterize and track CD4 T cell clones from murine tissues
3 Michael Delacher Aug 08, 2023
A revised airway epithelial hierarchy includes CFTR-expressing ionocytes
325 Adam Haber Jul 30, 2018
Neutrophils Escort Circulating Tumor Cells to Enable Cell Cycle Progression
470 Francesc Castro-Giner Feb 06, 2019
Gene expression from mouse models of B cell lymphomagenesis driven by gp130 signaling
65 Hans Carlo Maurer Jun 06, 2019
Single cell RNA-Seq identifies mechanisms controlling hypothalamic patterning and differentiation
27 Dong Won Thomas Kim Aug 09, 2020
Low-input, deterministic profiling of single-cell transcriptomes reveals individual intestinal organoid subtypes comprised of single, dominant cell types [organoids]
31 Marjan Biočanin Nov 10, 2021
Muscle progenitor specification and myogenic differentiation are associated with changes in chromatin topology.
26 Nan Zhang Oct 31, 2020
Astrocyte Reactivity and Cognitive Decline Follow Chronic Heterochromatin Loss in Neurons
71 Andrew Newman Jan 10, 2024
Enteric glial cells favor accumulation of anti-inflammatory macrophages during the resolution of muscularis inflammation
3 Gianluca Matteoli Sep 12, 2022
Enteric glial cells favor accumulation of anti-inflammatory macrophages during the resolution of muscularis inflammation
4 Gianluca Matteoli Sep 12, 2022
BTG1 mutation yields super-competitive B cells primed for malignant transformation
62 Matt Teater Jan 24, 2023
Atlas of the aging mouse intestine
6 Seyed Mohammd Mahdi Rasa Apr 25, 2022
In vitro grown organoids treated with IFNγ mimicking in vivo intestinal crypts cells aging
1 Seyed Mohammd Mahdi Rasa Sep 05, 2023
9sCa: MSL2 is an allelic dosage sensor in mammals
244 Asifa Akhtar Aug 10, 2023
Mutant-SETBP1 activates transcription of Myc programs to accelerate CSF3R-driven myeloproliferative neoplasms
56 Sarah Ann Carratt May 11, 2022