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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL19057 Remove filterSep 16, 2019
Sequencing short capped RNAs captures acute transcription initiation and identifies promoter and distal regulatory elements across eukaryotes from total RNA
40 Christopher Benner Sep 16, 2019
Demethylation and derepression of genomic retroelements in the skeletal muscles of aged mice
18 Byungkuk Min Sep 16, 2019
The circadian transcriptome of mouse CD8+ T cells
12 Nicolas Cermakian Sep 16, 2019
Single cell sequencing of de-differentiated dermal adipocytes
1 Philipp E Scherer Sep 16, 2019
Repertoires of CD4Foxp- cells from SfTCRmini and TCRmini mice.
2 Leszek Ignatowicz Sep 16, 2019
Chronic stress induces activity, synaptic and transcriptional remodeling of the lateral habenula associated with deficits in motivated behaviors
73 Csaba Földy Sep 16, 2019
Metabolite - sensing receptor Ffar2 regulates colonic group 3 innate lymphoid cells and gut immunity
4 Sena Bae Sep 16, 2019