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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL19057 Remove filterDec 06, 2023
ChIP-seq analysis comparing WT, TAp63-/-, and ΔNp63-/- primary murine keratinocytes
4 Elsa Renee Flores Dec 06, 2023
Mature oligodendrocyte (OL) translatome changes at various times after moderate contusive spinal cord injury at the thoracic T9 level
24 Eric Christian Rouchka Dec 06, 2023
RNA-seq profiling of mammary epithelial cell populations from Brca2 knockout and wildtype mice
18 Gordon K Smyth Dec 06, 2023
Division-Independent Differentiation of Muscle Stem Cells During a Growth Stimulus
2 Ahmed Ismaeel Dec 06, 2023
Thrombocytes-derived Dickkopf1 promotes wound-healing macrophage polarization
12 Eun-Ah Sung Dec 06, 2023