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A Highly Sensitive and Unbiased Approach for Elucidating Antibody Repertoires
57 Jiazhi Hu Jul 22, 2016
A comprehensive Xist interactome reveals cohesin repulsion and an RNA-directed chromosome conformation
42 John Edward Froberg Jun 19, 2015
Antibody from Single Human VH-rearranging Mouse Potently Neutralizes All SARS-CoV-2 Variants Through BA.5 by Inhibiting Membrane Fusion
15 Frederick W Alt Jul 28, 2022
DNA Double-strand Break Response Factors Influence End-joining Features of IgH Class Switch and General Translocation junctions
48 Rohit A Panchakshari Jan 08, 2018
Effects of cannabidiol on miRNA expression in naïve mice
20 Mona Heiland Jul 06, 2023
Megadomains and superloops form dynamically during X-chromosome inactivation but are dispensable for silencing and escape
65 John Edward Froberg Oct 31, 2018
Mitochondrial DNA base editing in vivo via viral DdCBE delivery to somatic cells
122 Lindsey Van Haute Jan 19, 2022
Multiplexed Cas9 targeting reveals genomic location effects and gRNA-based staggered breaks influencing mutation efficiency and patterns
49 Joana P Goncalves Mar 08, 2019
NF-κB1 (p50) impairs macrophage driven inflammatory response of the host against Helicobacter pylori infection
8 Tanwir Habib Aug 31, 2021
Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of Wild Type and Nrl-/- Retinal Transcriptomes
8 Bo Jing Jun 08, 2017
Peyer’s Patch Germinal Centers Select Innate-like BCRs
225 Frederick W Alt Feb 21, 2020
The Position Beta57 of IAg7 Controls the Early Anti-Insulin Response and Onset of Diabetes in NOD mice to Link MHC and Disease
1845 Luc Teyton Jul 25, 2019
The Position Beta57 of IAg7 Controls the Early Anti-Insulin Response and Onset of Diabetes in NOD mice to Link MHC and Disease [sequencing]
16 Luc Teyton Jul 25, 2019
The lipid Gb3 promotes germinal center B cell responses and anti-viral immunity
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Frederick Alt Dec 05, 2023
The role of SMC3 in heart development by regulating super-enhancer associated genes
35 bowen zhang Sep 14, 2023
c-Jun impedes somatic cell reprogramming by activating mesenchymal core regulators and suppressing pluripotent ones
16 Lihui Lin Jun 10, 2015