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Genome-wide analysis of histone modification, protein-DNA binding, cytosine methylation and transcriptome data in mouse and human ES cells and pig iPS cells
47 Pengfei Yu Feb 28, 2012
Genome-wide maps of cytosine methylation, cytosine hydroxylmethylation and small non coding RNAs in mouse ES cells and upon guided differentiation to mesoendoderm cells
36 Pengfei Yu Sep 22, 2012
The tissue-specific lncRNA Fendrr is an essential regulator of heart and body wall development in the mouse
2 Frederic Koch Jan 28, 2013
ChIP-seq analysis of PHF20 and Wdr5 binding sites in ESCs
8 Stephen D Ayers Dec 06, 2013
Pausing of RNA polymerase II regulates mammalian developmental potential
12 Karen Adelman Mar 12, 2015
The Role of Tet1 During Somatic Cell Reprogramming
7 Lihui Lin Mar 08, 2013
Trans-chromosomal regulation by a novel lincRNA required for adipogenesis that escapes X-chromosome inactivation
21 Loyal A Goff Jun 01, 2013
Obesity, rather than diet, drives epigenomic alterations in colonic epithelium resembling cancer progression
18 ruifang li Jan 16, 2014
Gene Expression Profile for knocking down Tet1 in pre-iPSCs culturing in Vc medium.
6 Lihui Lin Oct 27, 2013
The THO complex regulates pluripotency gene mRNA export to control embryonic stem cell self-renewal and somatic cell reprogramming (RNA-IP)
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Li Wang Nov 30, 2013
INO80 complex in the core regulatory network governing ESC self-renewal [ChIP-Seq]
12 Li Wang May 16, 2014
c-Jun impedes somatic cell reprogramming by activating mesenchymal core regulators and suppressing pluripotent ones
16 Lihui Lin Jun 10, 2015
fourSig: A Method for Determining Chromosomal Interactions in 4C-Seq Data
3 Rex Lee Williams Feb 22, 2014
Identification of building principles of methylation states at CG rich regions by high-throughput editing of a mammalian genome
19 Dirk Schuebeler Sep 30, 2014
4C-seq indicate interactive sites with the sequence close from Meis2 promoter
1 Takaho A. Endo Jan 15, 2014
High throughput quantitative whole transcriptome analysis of distal mouse lung epithelial cells from various developmental stages (E14.5, E16.5, E18.5 and adult)
201 Barbara Treutlein Apr 08, 2014
Role of SWI/SNF in acute leukemia maintenance and enhancer-mediated Myc regulation (4C-seq)
6 Christopher R Vakoc Dec 02, 2013
Attenuated sensing of SHH underlies adaptive evolution of bovine limbs
3 DBM Bioinformatics Core Facility Jun 19, 2014
Long-range joining of intra-chromosomal DNA double-strand breaks
13 Frederick Alt Jan 03, 2014
RNF17 referees ping-pong in mouse testes [RNAseq]
8 Vasily Vagin Dec 17, 2014