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Reporter Gene Silencing in Targeted Mouse Mutants is Associated with Promoter CpG Island Methylation
72 David B West Jul 28, 2015
PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint and p53 loss facilitate tumor progression in activated B cell diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
33 SERGIO ROA Apr 19, 2019
BCR repertoire profiling of murine ABC-DLBCL-like tumors [targeted RNA-seq]
12 SERGIO ROA Apr 19, 2019
Immunization with two heterotypic influenza hemagglutinins by time difference effectively produces broadly binding antibodies against heterotypic influenza virus
20 Takashi Watanabe Nov 19, 2021
Coupled analysis of transcriptional states and somatic hypermutation in germinal center B cells reveals role for oxidative phosphorylation in positive selection
22 Heping Xu Apr 16, 2021
T cell receptor is required for differentiation but not maintenance of intestinal CD4+ intraepithelial lymphocytes
28 Tiago Castro Oct 02, 2020
HITI and INDEL analysis by next-generation sequencing
4 Lucio Di Filippo Nov 11, 2021
Single-cell gene expression of virus-specific CD4 T cells in response to acute and chronic infection
16 Thomas Ciucci Sep 21, 2021
Evaluating the microbiota shift caused by Msc knock-out in wild type and DSS-induced colitis mice
16 Matteo Ramazzotti Jan 06, 2024
The inhibitory receptor Siglec-G controls the severity of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
121 Simon Schaefer May 03, 2023
DSS-colitis induced in young age accelerates the onset of cognitive defects in Tg2576 mice, a model of Alzheimer disease
44 Matteo Ramazzotti May 29, 2024
Venous plexus-associated lymphoid hubs support meningeal humoral immunity
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Colin YC Lee Jan 15, 2024
Experimental tests strongly challenge the evidence of a healthy human blood microbiome
15 Matteo Ramazzotti Mar 01, 2024