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Obesity, rather than diet, drives epigenomic alterations in colonic epithelium resembling cancer progression
18 ruifang li Jan 16, 2014
A Sox2 distal enhancer cluster regulates embryonic stem cell differentiation potential
12 Jennifer Mitchell Nov 19, 2014
Pausing of RNA polymerase II regulates mammalian developmental potential
12 Karen Adelman Mar 12, 2015
Upstream Anti-sense Promoters Act as Local Enhancers of Mammalian Protein-coding Genes
17 Karen Adelman Jun 23, 2015
m6A-CLIP identified major presence of m6A in last exons
8 Shengdong Ke Sep 28, 2015
PAPERCLIP Identifies MicroRNA Targets and a Role of CstF64/64tau in Promoting Non-canonical poly(A) Site Usage.
32 Hun-Way Hwang Feb 19, 2016
Circularized RNA sequencing of wild-type and Mrpp3 knock out mouse heart mitochondria
8 Stefan J Siira Mar 23, 2017
Clonally stable Vκ allelic choice instructs Igκ repertoire
32 Yehudit Bergman Apr 01, 2017
Target enrichment followed by high throughput sequencing of telomeric DDRNAs in telomere-deprotected mouse cells
6 Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna May 10, 2017
Tcrd rearrangement redirects a processive Tcra recombination program to expand the Tcra repertoire
28 Zachary Carico Jun 06, 2017
NFIA Controls the Brown Fat Gene Program by Co-Localizing with PPARgamma at Cell-Type-Specific Enhancers (chromatin)
24 Hironori Waki Aug 14, 2017
Qki5 CLIP in E14.5 mouse brain
1 Masato Yano Dec 08, 2017
RNAseq in control and shQk KD mouse neural stem cells, and Qki5 CLIP in E14.5 mouse brain
7 Masato Yano Dec 08, 2017
CTCF-Binding Elements Mediate Accessibility of RAG Substrates During Chromatin Scanning [dataset 3]
35 Suvi Jain Jul 03, 2018
CTCF-Binding Elements Mediate Accessibility of RAG Substrates During Chromatin Scanning
78 Suvi Jain Jul 03, 2018
Internally Calibrated ChIP-seq (ICeChIP-seq) using a large panel of antibodies against H3K4 methylations to measure genome-wide histone modification density in mammalian cells
25 Rohan Nishant Shah Sep 20, 2018
Characterisation by Next generation Capture-C of Pax6 locus in three mouse cell lines (MV+, RAG and β-TC3 cells).
20 nick gilbert Oct 18, 2018
Megadomains and superloops form dynamically during X-chromosome inactivation but are dispensable for silencing and escape
65 John Edward Froberg Oct 31, 2018
Cas9/sgRNA selective targeting of the P23H Rhodopsin mutant allele for treating retinitis pigmentosa by intravitreal AAV9.PHP.B-based delivery
6 Luca Massimino Mar 20, 2019
Genome-wide CUT&RUN sequencing of H3K27me3 mark across different stages of T-cell development.
6 Nicholas Pease Jul 24, 2019