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The NCBI Genome Remapping Service (Remap) will be retired in November 2023. Read more.

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NCBI Genome Remapping Service

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We are sorry but a service supporting the Remap service is down. We expect this is a transient problem but if this persists, please use the Support Center link to report the problem.
Genome Information
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Source Assembly *
Assm NameAssm SeqIDDateOrg. NameInfraspecific Name
Target Assembly *
Assm NameAssm SeqIDDateOrg. NameInfraspecific Name
AlignmentsSource Assembly Coverage
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Target Assembly Coverage
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Percent Identity
First Pass(Reciprocal Best Hits)
Remapping Options
context specific help: Minimum ratio
context specific help: Maximum ratio
context specific help: multiple locations
During the remapping,
what is the minimum amount of the feature that must be able to be remapped?
The default is 50%.
This metric allows for indels in the alignment.
If a feature is 100 bp on the source assembly, and it’s remapped length is 100 bp, this value is 1.
If there is a 1bp insertion in the target, this value is 1.01.
Regions of duplication often expand or contract between assemblies.
Checking this value will allow our second pass alignments (see the documentation) to be used and
remapping will be more robust in these regions.
If there is a small insertion in the target assembly such that a feature would remap to two locations,
this feature allows these features to be merged so that only one feature is in the annotation file.
Genome Information

Available only for human

Remapping Options

Define RefSeqGenes

Not all regions of the genome have RefSeqGenesLRG.
You can choose to get data for any available RefSeqGenesLRG or only specific ones. To request a RefSeqGenesLRG for a gene click herehere
Not all RefSeqGenes have an associated LRG.To request an LRG sequence click here.
You can paste multiple lines into the text area.

Define Transcripts/Proteins

Genome Information
NCBI Remap


warning  Please contact the NCBI Support Center if you have any concerns or requests regarding the Remapping Service.

context specific help: input format context specific help: output format context specific help: genome workbench
You can paste multiple lines into the text area.
You can specify the format your file is in, or you can just let us guess.
You can specify the format in which you want the remapped annotations to be produced.
The default is to produce the format as the original features.
Include Genome Workbench file in the output.
Genome Workbench is an application that you can download to your
computer that allows you to view and analyze sequence data.
For more information, see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/tools/gbench