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Solanum piurae
Representative genome: Solanum piurae (assembly pur1868)
BLAST against Solanum piurae genome

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ID: 124293
Solanum piurae

Solanum piurae RefSeq Genome

Lineage: Eukaryota[13881]; Viridiplantae[1512]; Streptophyta[1403]; Embryophyta[1394]; Tracheophyta[1376]; Spermatophyta[1359]; Magnoliopsida[1334]; eudicotyledons[1078]; Gunneridae[1078]; Pentapetalae[1078]; asterids[330]; lamiids[214]; Solanales[85]; Solanaceae[76]; Solanoideae[61]; Solaneae[53]; Solanum[52]; Solanum piurae[1]
Solanum piurae genome reference project


Assembly level: Contig
Assembly: GCA_029582685.1 pur1868 scaffolds: 84,700 contigs: 84,700 N50: 23,712 L50: 8,798
BioProjects: PRJNA779368
Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS): INSDC: JAJOOO000000000.1
Statistics: total length (Mb): 720.192
 GC%: 35.1

Genome Assembly Annotation

Loc Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC%
master WGS-JAJOOO000000000.1720.1935.1

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