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Ipomoea lacunosa

White morning-glory (Ipomoea lacunosa) is a species of eudicot in the family Convolvulaceae (morning-glory family).

Taxonomy ID: 89647

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 36951111
    ribosomal protein S12 [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (71655..71768, complement); NC_037912.1 (98710..99503, complement)DR672_pgp041
    ID: 36951109
    Ycf2 [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (154312..160917, complement)DR672_pgp001
    ID: 36951107
    NdhB [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (151162..153359)DR672_pgp002
    ID: 36951106
    ribosomal protein S7 [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (150416..150883)DR672_pgp003
    ID: 36951104
    16S ribosomal RNA [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (146170..147658, complement)DR672_pgr001
    ID: 36951101
    23S ribosomal RNA [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (140961..143768, complement)DR672_pgr002
    ID: 36951100
    4.5S ribosomal RNA [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (140757..140859, complement)DR672_pgr003
    ID: 36951099
    5S ribosomal RNA [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (140418..140538, complement)DR672_pgr004
    ID: 36951096
    Ycf1 [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (132990..139070, complement)DR672_pgp004
    ID: 36951095
    ribosomal protein S15 [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (132351..132623, complement)DR672_pgp005
    ID: 36951094
    NdhH [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (131047..132228, complement)DR672_pgp006
    ID: 36951093
    NdhA [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (128522..131045, complement)DR672_pgp007
    ID: 36951092
    NdhI [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (127937..128440, complement)DR672_pgp008
    ID: 36951091
    NdhG [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (127084..127614, complement)DR672_pgp009
    ID: 36951090
    NdhE [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (126545..126850, complement)DR672_pgp010
    ID: 36951089
    PsaC [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (126034..126279, complement)DR672_pgp011
    ID: 36951088
    NdhD [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (124407..125918, complement)DR672_pgp012
    ID: 36951087
    CcsA [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (123167..124120)DR672_pgp013
    ID: 36951085
    ribosomal protein L32 [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (121896..122069)DR672_pgp014
    ID: 36951084
    NdhF [Ipomoea lacunosa]NC_037912.1 (119106..121238, complement)DR672_pgp015
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