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Jasminum fluminense

Jasminum fluminense is a species of eudicot in the family Oleaceae (olive famly).

Taxonomy ID: 84810

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 40147633
    photosystem II protein M [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (32103..32207, complement)FDX60_pgp073
    ID: 40147632
    cytochrome b6/f complex subunit V [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (69806..69919)FDX60_pgp049
    ID: 40147630
    photosystem II protein N [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (78001..78132, complement)FDX60_pgp039
    ID: 40147628
    translation initiation factor 1 [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (83491..83754, complement)FDX60_pgp032
    ID: 40147625
    photosystem II protein VI [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (67942..68061, complement)FDX60_pgp052
    ID: 40147624
    photosystem II protein V [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (68076..68327, complement)FDX60_pgp051
    ID: 40147623
    photosystem II protein L [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (67803..67919, complement)FDX60_pgp053
    ID: 40147622
    ribosomal protein L33 [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (71994..72194)FDX60_pgp047
    ID: 40147621
    photosystem II protein H [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (78249..78470)FDX60_pgp038
    ID: 40147620
    Ycf2 protein [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (152481..158591, complement)FDX60_pgp003
    ID: 40147618
    photosystem II protein I [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (8647..8760)FDX60_pgp083
    ID: 40147616
    ribosomal protein S18 [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (72565..73020)FDX60_pgp046
    ID: 40147614
    cytochrome b6 [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (78612..79983)FDX60_pgp037
    ID: 40147613
    Ycf1 protein [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (131228..137146, complement)FDX60_pgp007
    ID: 40147612
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4L [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (125031..125336, complement)FDX60_pgp013
    ID: 40147611
    ATP synthase CF0 A subunit [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (15378..16121, complement)FDX60_pgp079
    ID: 40147610
    cytochrome b6/f complex subunit VI [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (69536..69631)FDX60_pgp050
    ID: 40147609
    ribosomal protein S8 [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (83876..84280, complement)FDX60_pgp031
    ID: 40147607
    ribosomal protein L2 [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (159294..160745)FDX60_pgp001
    ID: 40147606
    photosystem I P700 apoprotein A2 [Jasminum fluminense]NC_042272.1 (40258..42462, complement)FDX60_pgp068
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