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Sphaeroforma arctica

Sphaeroforma arctica is a species of eukaryote in the order Ichthyophonida.

Taxonomy ID: 72019

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 26007337
    Record to support submission of GeneRIFs for a gene not in Gene (Sphaerosoma arcticum; Sphaerosoma arcticus). [Sphaeroforma arctica]
    ID: 25918409
    tRNA pseudouridine synthase D [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_17905
    ID: 25918375
    alanyl-tRNA synthetase [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_17871
    ID: 25917779
    polypeptide deformylase [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_17275
    ID: 25917533
    50S ribosomal protein L27 [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_17029
    ID: 25917444
    alanyl-tRNA synthetase [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_16940
    ID: 25916852
    DNA-directed RNA polymerase, beta subunit [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_16348
    ID: 25916842
    GMP synthase C terminal domain-containing protein [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_16338
    ID: 25916569
    H3 K56 histone acetylation protein RTT109 [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_16065
    ID: 25916331
    eukaryotic DNA topoisomerase I, DNA binding [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_15827
    ID: 25916137
    serine/threonine protein kinase [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_15633
    ID: 25915810
    eukaryotic DNA topoisomerase I, catalytic core [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_15306
    ID: 25915667
    tRNA(Ile)-lysidine synthetase [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_15163
    ID: 25915598
    protein-tyrosine phosphatase [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_15094
    ID: 25915587
    dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_15083
    ID: 25915528
    V-type ATPase, G subunit [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_15024
    ID: 25915354
    thioredoxin-like protein 4A [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_14850
    ID: 25915281
    40S ribosomal protein S2 [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_14777
    ID: 25915154
    pyruvate kinase, barrel domain-containing protein [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_14650
    ID: 25915101
    ferrous iron transporter B [Sphaeroforma arctica JP610]SARC_14597
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