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Honeysuckles (Lonicera) is a genus of eudicot in the family Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle famly).

Taxonomy ID: 49606

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 39115854
ATP synthase CF0 A subunit [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (15505..16248, complement)EZZ30_pgp075
ID: 39115853
cytochrome b/f complex 3.5 kDa subunit [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (69160..69255)EZZ30_pgp045
ID: 39115852
photosystem I assembly protein Ycf1 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (125395..130692, complement)EZZ30_pgp004
ID: 39115851
ribosomal protein L2 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (86892..88380, complement)EZZ30_pgp020
ID: 39115849
photosystem I P700 apoprotein A2 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (39059..41263, complement)EZZ30_pgp064
ID: 39115848
NADH dehydrogenase subunit 6 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (119723..120253, complement)EZZ30_pgp009
ID: 39115846
ribosomal protein L16 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (83682..84092, complement)EZZ30_pgp024
ID: 39115845
ribosomal protein S12 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (73526..73639, complement); NC_040963.1 (141995..142794)EZZ30_pgp038
ID: 39115844
ATP synthase CF1 beta subunit [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (54916..56412, complement)EZZ30_pgp056
ID: 39115843
ribosomal protein S3 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (85319..85999, complement)EZZ30_pgp023
ID: 39115842
ribosomal protein L14 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (83147..83515, complement)EZZ30_pgp025
ID: 39115841
ribosomal protein L36 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (81977..82090, complement)EZZ30_pgp028
ID: 39115840
NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (143660..145871)EZZ30_pgp002
ID: 39115838
NADH dehydrogenase subunit K [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (51266..51943, complement)EZZ30_pgp059
ID: 39115837
ribosomal protein S19 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (86554..86832, complement)EZZ30_pgp021
ID: 39115836
NADH dehydrogenase subunit 1 [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (121211..123398, complement)EZZ30_pgp007
ID: 39115835
cytochrome b6/f complex subunit IV [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (79643..80167)EZZ30_pgp031
ID: 39115834
DNA-directed RNA polymerase alpha subunit [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (80586..81380, complement)EZZ30_pgp030
ID: 39115833
NADH dehydrogenase subunit I [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (120627..121124, complement)EZZ30_pgp008
ID: 39115832
envelope membrane protein [Lonicera ferdinandi]NC_040963.1 (64194..64883)EZZ30_pgp051
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