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Nicotiana attenuata

Nicotiana attenuata is a species of eudicot in the family Solanaceae (nightshade family).

Taxonomy ID: 49451

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 109213338
    adagio protein 1-like [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017672470.1 (139842..150413)A4A49_26018, ADO1, ZTL, zeitlupe
    ID: 109226435
    mitogen-activated protein kinase homolog MMK2 [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 1, NC_031989.1 (51032901..51039985)A4A49_11853, MPK4
    ID: 109238504
    RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 6 [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017670370.1 (648551..654787, complement)A4A49_18155, RDR6
    ID: 109219001
    endoribonuclease Dicer homolog 2 [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017674613.1 (11899..21872, complement)A4A49_41176, DCL2
    ID: 109223546
    glutamine synthetase, chloroplastic [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 3, NC_031991.1 (37892928..37898412, complement)A4A49_13682, GLN2, gmps, nepGS
    ID: 109244125
    alcohol dehydrogenase class-3 [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017670875.1 (402863..407449)A4A49_14257, ADHIII, GSNOR
    ID: 109234032
    allene oxide synthase 2, chloroplastic-like [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 11, NC_031999.1 (2245695..2247619, complement)A4A49_14521, AOS2, aos
    ID: 109223965
    15-cis-phytoene desaturase, chloroplastic/chromoplastic [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 3, NC_031991.1 (65842810..65850758, complement)A4A49_02763, PDS, PDS_0
    ID: 109220811
    putative inactive purple acid phosphatase 1 [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017676163.1 (24481..40124)A4A49_41978, DCL3A_1
    ID: 109218033
    9-divinyl ether synthase [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017674117.1 (81886..85105, complement)A4A49_32213, DES1, DES1_2
    ID: 109214602
    pectinesterase/pectinesterase inhibitor U1 [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017672816.1 (28223..32644)A4A49_25208, PME, PMEU1_0
    ID: 109214392
    alpha-dioxygenase 2-like [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017672756.1 (39277..44750)A4A49_58780, DOX2_2, aDOX2
    ID: 109214145
    IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 4 [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017672693.1 (153293..157979, complement)A4A49_35263, ILL4_3
    ID: 109211185
    NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur protein 4, mitochondrial [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 2, NC_031990.1 (60150850..60160664)A4A49_11594, FRO1
    ID: 109209591
    putative nitric oxide synthase [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017671669.1 (181186..192168, complement)A4A49_18249
    ID: 109207508
    nectarin-1-like [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017671315.1 (149750..153875)A4A49_30959, Ger, NECI_2, nectarin-1
    ID: 109235407
    MLP-like protein 423 [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 12, NC_032000.1 (21413676..21414867)A4A49_22125, MLP423
    ID: 109233075
    SNF1-related protein kinase regulatory subunit beta-1 [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 10, NC_031998.1 (16877195..16882971, complement)A4A49_04018, GAL83, KINB1
    ID: 109224882
    protein SGT1 homolog [Nicotiana attenuata]Chromosome 4, NC_031992.1 (5762740..5767323)A4A49_33738, SGT1
    ID: 109219431
    jasmonic acid-amido synthetase JAR1-like [Nicotiana attenuata]NW_017674906.1 (46153..52710, complement)A4A49_35910, GH3.5_4, JAR4
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