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Solanum tuberosum

Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a species of eudicot in the family Solanaceae (nightshade family).

Taxonomy ID: 4113

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 102577510
starch-granule-bound R1 protein [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239172.1 (954662..970119, complement)GWD
ID: 102604256
aspartic protease inhibitor 8 [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239330.1 (384857..385720, complement); NW_006249791.1 (1..269); NW_006252909.1 (19..207, complement)API, API-13, API-8, CathDinh, CathIhn, Cdi, KTI-A, PI-8, PI13, PKPI-A4, pi8
ID: 102577790
ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase small subunit [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239594.1 (15188..21066)
ID: 102577641
Snakin-1 [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]SN1
ID: 102577716
proteinase inhibitor II precursor [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239330.1 (500325..501193)IIK, PIN-II, PIN2K
ID: 102577726
UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase precursor [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239071.1 (808246..814804)UDPGP, UGPase
ID: 102577452
flowering locus T protein [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006238999.1 (749463..750824)
ID: 102577633
Patatin-B1 [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239698.1 (17226..20773, complement)PATB2, PGM01, Patatin-06, Patatin-10, Patatin-14, Patatin-15, Patatin-B2, pat2, pat2-k2, pat2-k3, pat2-k4
ID: 102577808
Ran GTPase-activating protein 2 [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239030.1 (1213915..1216916)
ID: 102601328
pyruvate kinase [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239256.1 (504916..510589)PKc
ID: 102580433
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239139.1 (831274..835815)P4Ea, eIF4E-A, eIF4Ea
ID: 102577594
Sucrose synthase [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006238988.1 (482702..489013)sus4
ID: 102577489
beta-fructosidase [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239529.1 (104052..108002, complement)
ID: 102577877
calcium-dependent protein kinase 2 [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239000.1 (1899402..1905360, complement)
ID: 102577694
Suberization-associated anionic peroxidase [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239015.1 (1657315..1660547, complement)POX, peroxidase
ID: 102577614
ATP-diphosphohydrolase [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239038.1 (1248776..1254753)ADPase, Apyrase
ID: 102577642
Kunitz-type protease inhibitor precursor [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239089.1 (624020..624831)AM66, KTI-B, PIG, PIGEN1, PKI1, PSPI-21, STPIA, STPIB, gCDI-B1, pF4, pKEN14-28
ID: 102577544
DNA-binding protein p24 [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239166.1 (960176..963580)PBF-2, StWhy1, WHY1
ID: 102577795
Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL8 homolog [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239107.1 (278916..286037, complement)POTM1-1, POTM1-2
ID: 102603136
mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin of 36 kDa-like [Solanum tuberosum (potato)]NW_006239388.1 (27825..31815, complement)
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