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Elephantulus edwardii

Cape elephant shrew (Elephantulus edwardii) is a species of placental in the family Macroscelididae.

Taxonomy ID: 28737

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 102867337
aldehyde dehydrogenase, cytosolic 1-like [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399891.1 (944485..984315, complement)
ID: 102852923
paternally expressed 10 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399848.1 (9873443..9875856)
ID: 102874965
antizyme inhibitor 2 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399799.1 (417673..492488)ADC
ID: 102844821
antizyme inhibitor 1 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399952.1 (3236963..3269987)
ID: 102866844
ornithine decarboxylase antizyme 2 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006400013.1 (3498978..3510908, complement)
ID: 102877688
prostaglandin E synthase 2 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399866.1 (4468430..4477055)
ID: 102877683
mex-3 RNA binding family member C [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399853.1 (4619992..4641782, complement)
ID: 102877681
leucine rich repeats and transmembrane domains 2 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399846.1 (9100034..9106668, complement)
ID: 102877670
DNA topoisomerase II alpha [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399827.1 (14062163..14095550, complement)
ID: 102877662
D-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006400222.1 (198122..235924, complement)
ID: 102877643
alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase 2 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399799.1 (836901..845350, complement)
ID: 102877640
FtsJ RNA 2'-O-methyltransferase 3 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399798.1 (17974788..17981156)
ID: 102877634
X-ray radiation resistance associated 1 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399794.1 (17420181..17490343, complement)
ID: 102877624
tripartite motif containing 45 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006400012.1 (2405780..2419819, complement)
ID: 102877622
mitochondrial rRNA methyltransferase 1 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006400007.1 (3689688..3692264)
ID: 102877620
diacylglycerol kinase eta [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399786.1 (7802700..8045854, complement)
ID: 102877611
Wnt family member 4 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399778.1 (9421556..9447755)
ID: 102877606
transglutaminase 1 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399776.1 (24492841..24508127, complement)
ID: 102877598
G-patch domain containing 11 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399769.1 (19136479..19144548, complement)
ID: 102877597
potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily Q member 2 [Elephantulus edwardii (Cape elephant shrew)]NW_006399943.1 (5052637..5108774, complement)
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