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Anubias hastifolia

Anubias hastifolia is a species of monocot in the family Araceae (arum family).

Taxonomy ID: 2829915

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 71723419
    ribosomal protein L2 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (168307..169793)MW542_pgp001
    ID: 71723418
    ribosomal protein S12 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (79169..79282, complement); NC_062430.1 (108643..109440, complement)MW542_pgp042
    ID: 71723417
    ribosomal protein L23 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (168007..168288)MW542_pgp002
    ID: 71723415
    photosystem I assembly protein Ycf2 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (160755..167693, complement)MW542_pgp003
    ID: 71723413
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (156340..158548)MW542_pgp004
    ID: 71723412
    ribosomal protein S7 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (155542..156009)MW542_pgp005
    ID: 71723410
    16S ribosomal RNA [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (150987..152477, complement)MW542_pgr001
    ID: 71723407
    23S ribosomal RNA [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (145783..148592, complement)MW542_pgr002
    ID: 71723406
    4.5S ribosomal RNA [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (145581..145683, complement)MW542_pgr003
    ID: 71723405
    5S ribosomal RNA [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (145228..145348, complement)MW542_pgr004
    ID: 71723402
    Ycf1 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (138131..143815, complement)MW542_pgp006
    ID: 71723401
    ribosomal protein S15 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (136694..136972, complement)MW542_pgp007
    ID: 71723400
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 7 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (135405..136586, complement)MW542_pgp008
    ID: 71723399
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 1 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (133226..135403, complement)MW542_pgp009
    ID: 71723398
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit I [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (132584..133126, complement)MW542_pgp010
    ID: 71723397
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 6 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (131260..131790, complement)MW542_pgp011
    ID: 71723396
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4L [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (130579..130884, complement)MW542_pgp012
    ID: 71723395
    photosystem I subunit VII [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (128718..128963, complement)MW542_pgp013
    ID: 71723394
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (127075..128604, complement)MW542_pgp014
    ID: 71723393
    cytochrome c biogenesis protein [Anubias hastifolia]NC_062430.1 (125900..126865)MW542_pgp015
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