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Alteromonas macleodii

Alteromonas macleodii is a species of g-proteobacteria in the family Alteromonadaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 28108

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 56268989
two-component system response regulator OmpR [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS19255, TE101_19275
ID: 56268923
diguanylate cyclase [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS18920, TE101_18940
ID: 56268610
30S ribosomal protein S4 [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS17345, TE101_17365
ID: 56266394
cytochrome c biogenesis protein CcsA [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS06085, TE101_06100
ID: 56268113
cell division protein FtsQ/DivIB [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS14845, TE101_14860
ID: 56268435
fatty acid desaturase [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS16470, TE101_16485
ID: 56267650
sodium/proton antiporter NhaB [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS12500, TE101_12515
ID: 56267751
PilZ domain-containing protein [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS13020, TE101_13035
ID: 56268769
mechanosensitive ion channel domain-containing protein [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS18150, TE101_18170
ID: 56267563
mechanosensitive ion channel domain-containing protein [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS12060, TE101_12075
ID: 56268990
two-component system sensor histidine kinase EnvZ [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS19260, TE101_19280
ID: 56268722
CNNM domain-containing protein [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS17910, TE101_17930
ID: 56266182
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 4,6-dehydratase (inverting) [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS05025, TE101_05040
ID: 56268514
DNA polymerase IV [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS16865, TE101_16880
ID: 56267146
HTH-type transcriptional regulator CysB [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS09910, TE101_09920
ID: 56265626
acetolactate synthase small subunit [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS02185, TE101_02195
ID: 56267063
citrate synthase [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS09490, TE101_09500
ID: 56266025
MbnP family copper-binding protein [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS04225, TE101_04240
ID: 56265981
hemolysin III family protein [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS04000, TE101_04010
ID: 56265542
P-II family nitrogen regulator [Alteromonas macleodii]TE101_RS01765, TE101_01775
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