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Solanum clivorum

Solanum clivorum is a species of eudicot in the family Solanaceae (nightshade family).

Taxonomy ID: 2802702

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 71732031
    ribosomal protein L2 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (154009..155499)MW499_pgp001
    ID: 71732030
    ribosomal protein S12 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (72253..72366, complement); NC_062513.1 (99903..100696, complement)MW499_pgp043
    ID: 71732029
    ribosomal protein L23 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (153709..153990)MW499_pgp002
    ID: 71732026
    pseudo [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (146185..146448, complement)MW499_pgp004
    ID: 71732024
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (143083..145294)MW499_pgp005
    ID: 71732023
    ribosomal protein S7 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (142331..142798)MW499_pgp006
    ID: 71732021
    16S ribosomal RNA [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (138068..139567, complement)MW499_pgr001
    ID: 71732018
    23S ribosomal RNA [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (133062..135871, complement)MW499_pgr002
    ID: 71732017
    4.5S ribosomal RNA [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (132858..132960, complement)MW499_pgr003
    ID: 71732016
    5S ribosomal RNA [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (132481..132601, complement)MW499_pgr004
    ID: 71732012
    ribosomal protein S15 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (125038..125301, complement)MW499_pgp008
    ID: 71732011
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 7 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (123737..124921, complement)MW499_pgp009
    ID: 71732010
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 1 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (121485..123735, complement)MW499_pgp010
    ID: 71732009
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit I [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (120897..121457, complement)MW499_pgp011
    ID: 71732008
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 6 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (120111..120641, complement)MW499_pgp012
    ID: 71732007
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 4L [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (119582..119887, complement)MW499_pgp013
    ID: 71732006
    photosystem I iron-sulfur center [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (119064..119309, complement)MW499_pgp014
    ID: 71732005
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 4 [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (117444..118826, complement)MW499_pgp015
    ID: 71732004
    cytochrome c heme attachment protein [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (116268..117209)MW499_pgp016
    ID: 71732002
    ncRNA [Solanum clivorum]NC_062513.1 (115212..115430)MW499_pgs001
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