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Cebus imitator

Panamanian white-faced capuchin (Cebus imitator) is a species of primate in the family Cebidae.

Taxonomy ID: 2715852

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 108281688
cytochrome P450 family 2 subfamily C member 8 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107545.1 (142270..172480, complement)
ID: 108281686
cytochrome P450 family 2 subfamily C member 19 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107545.1 (26764..109336)
ID: 119473618
ciliated left-right organizer metallopeptidase [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107485.1 (1635697..1643156, complement)LMLN2
ID: 119472957
defensin beta 131B [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107440.1 (5465608..5476832, complement)
ID: 119472855
developmental pluripotency associated 3 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107436.1 (1073622..1076023, complement)
ID: 119472011
erythropoietin [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107397.1 (3539334..3542522, complement)
ID: 119471595
gap junction protein epsilon 1 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107380.1 (1605719..1653658, complement)
ID: 119470023
defensin beta 109B [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016110145.1 (11066..11609, complement)
ID: 119469049
pancreatic progenitor cell differentiation and proliferation factor [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107870.1 (477027..477528)
ID: 119468899
NK6 homeobox 3 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107841.1 (1218864..1224752, complement)
ID: 119468341
chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 2 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107729.1 (734358..753037)
ID: 119467501
metallothionein 4 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107612.1 (2266323..2269809, complement)
ID: 119467172
NFIL3 like basic leucine zipper [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107578.1 (1922325..1923191)
ID: 119466672
potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 6 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107502.1 (3888566..3891394, complement)
ID: 119466671
ribosomal protein L26 like 1 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107515.1 (129922..141387, complement)
ID: 119466669
cAMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitor beta [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107445.1 (287656..395851, complement)
ID: 119466665
ribosomal protein S15a [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107400.1 (2031844..2040315, complement)
ID: 119466664
UDP-GlcNAc:betaGal beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 4 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107484.1 (1142576..1146925)
ID: 119466663
nudix hydrolase 8 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107417.1 (819292..845491)
ID: 108318664
nephrocystin 1 [Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin)]NW_016107537.1 (3291896..3369295)
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