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Catalpa bungei

Manchurian catalpa (Catalpa bungei) is a species of eudicot in the family Bignoniaceae (trumpet creeper family).

Taxonomy ID: 265496

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 60241492
    ribosomal protein S12 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (70723..70836, complement); NC_051556.1 (97858..98651, complement)I3J75_pgp042
    ID: 60241491
    envelope membrane protein [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (62289..62978)I3J75_pgp054
    ID: 60241487
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 5 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (115297..117525, complement)I3J75_pgp017
    ID: 60241485
    ribosomal protein S14 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (37140..37442, complement)I3J75_pgp067
    ID: 60241481
    ribosomal protein S7 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (145335..145802)I3J75_pgp005
    ID: 60241480
    16S ribosomal RNA [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (100560..102050)I3J75_pgr008
    ID: 60241478
    photosystem II protein D2 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (33107..34168)I3J75_pgp070
    ID: 60241477
    photosystem II protein Z [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (36125..36394)I3J75_pgp068
    ID: 60241476
    ribosomal protein S4 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (45988..46593, complement)I3J75_pgp063
    ID: 60241474
    ATP synthase CF1 alpha subunit [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (10565..12088, complement)I3J75_pgp080
    ID: 60241473
    5S ribosomal RNA [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (135287..135407, complement)I3J75_pgr004
    ID: 60241471
    photosystem II protein K [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (7800..7988)I3J75_pgp082
    ID: 60241470
    photosystem I subunit IX [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (68046..68180)I3J75_pgp046
    ID: 60241467
    ATP synthase CF1 epsilon subunit [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (53322..53723, complement)I3J75_pgp060
    ID: 60241466
    cytochrome c heme attachment protein [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (119186..120157)I3J75_pgp015
    ID: 60241463
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (94851..97008, complement)I3J75_pgp020
    ID: 60241462
    maturase K [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (1958..3493, complement)I3J75_pgp084
    ID: 60241461
    16S ribosomal RNA [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (141089..142579, complement)I3J75_pgr001
    ID: 60241459
    ribosomal protein L23 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (156329..156610)I3J75_pgp002
    ID: 60241457
    photosystem II protein D1 [Catalpa bungei]NC_051556.1 (382..1440, complement)I3J75_pgp085
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