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Orostachys iwarenge

Orostachys iwarenge is a species of eudicot in the family Crassulaceae (stonecrop family).

Taxonomy ID: 202984

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 76829950
    ribosomal protein S7 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (137684..138151)OYU84_pgp006, OrIwaCp081
    ID: 76829949
    photosystem II protein D1 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (319..1380, complement)OYU84_pgp086, OrIwaCp001
    ID: 76829948
    ATP synthase CF1 alpha subunit [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (10243..11754, complement)OYU84_pgp081, OrIwaCp006
    ID: 76829947
    photosystem II protein K [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (7560..7745)OYU84_pgp083, OrIwaCp004
    ID: 76829946
    photosystem II protein D2 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (32918..33979)OYU84_pgp071, OrIwaCp016
    ID: 76829942
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit J [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (48167..48643, complement)OYU84_pgp063, OrIwaCp024
    ID: 76829940
    ATP synthase CF1 epsilon subunit [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (51788..52189, complement)OYU84_pgp060, OrIwaCp027
    ID: 76829938
    ribosomal protein L23 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (149476..149757)OYU84_pgp003, OrIwaCp084
    ID: 76829936
    ribosomal protein S14 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (37177..37479, complement)OYU84_pgp068, OrIwaCp019
    ID: 76829931
    photosystem I subunit IX [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (65922..66056)OYU84_pgp046, OrIwaCp041
    ID: 76829929
    cytochrome b6/f complex subunit VIII [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (28490..28579)OYU84_pgp073, OrIwaCp014
    ID: 76829928
    NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (93673..95883, complement)OYU84_pgp021, OrIwaCp066
    ID: 76829927
    cytochrome c heme attachment protein [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (112266..113225)OYU84_pgp016, OrIwaCp071
    ID: 76829925
    ribosomal protein S4 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (45200..45805, complement)OYU84_pgp064, OrIwaCp023
    ID: 76829923
    photosystem II protein M [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (29615..29719, complement)OYU84_pgp072, OrIwaCp015
    ID: 76829922
    LhbA [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (35923..36111)OYU84_pgp069, OrIwaCp018
    ID: 76829921
    cytochrome b6/f complex subunit V [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (65018..65131)OYU84_pgp047, OrIwaCp040
    ID: 76829920
    photosystem II protein N [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (73071..73202, complement)OYU84_pgp038, OrIwaCp049
    ID: 76829915
    photosystem I assembly protein Ycf4 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (58819..59373)OYU84_pgp055, OrIwaCp032
    ID: 76829913
    translational initiation factor 1 [Orostachys iwarenge]NC_068862.1 (78560..78802, complement)OYU84_pgp031, OrIwaCp056
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