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Isoetes cangae

Isoetes cangae is a species of club-moss in the family Isoetaceae (quillwort family).

Taxonomy ID: 2022354

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 38088730
    photosystem I assembly protein Ycf3 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (42093..44041)D9L08_pgp042
    ID: 38088729
    ribosomal protein L20 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (17745..18068)D9L08_pgp063
    ID: 38088728
    ribosomal protein S12 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (16685..16809); NC_039392.1 (91872..92175, complement)D9L08_pgp065
    ID: 38088727
    ribosomal protein S7 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (142746..143222)D9L08_pgp001
    ID: 38088720
    ribosomal protein L32 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (117881..118036, complement)D9L08_pgp007
    ID: 38088718
    Ycf1 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (103520..107998)D9L08_pgp017
    ID: 38088712
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (88272..90524, complement)D9L08_pgp018
    ID: 38088711
    cytochrome b6/f complex subunit VIII [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (85817..85900)D9L08_pgp021
    ID: 38088710
    ATP synthase CF1 alpha subunit [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (68292..69815, complement)D9L08_pgp028
    ID: 38088709
    photosystem I subunit XII [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (66372..66473, complement)D9L08_pgp030
    ID: 38088708
    photosystem II protein K [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (65325..65492)D9L08_pgp032
    ID: 38088707
    photosystem II protein D1 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (57774..58835, complement)D9L08_pgp035
    ID: 38088702
    photosystem II 44 kDa protein [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (51160..52521, complement)D9L08_pgp037
    ID: 38088701
    photosystem II protein Z [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (50427..50615, complement)D9L08_pgp038
    ID: 38088699
    ribosomal protein S4 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (40370..40948)D9L08_pgp043
    ID: 38088697
    NADH dehydrogenase subunit 3 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (36305..36667)D9L08_pgp046
    ID: 38088696
    ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase large subunit [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (30347..31795, complement)D9L08_pgp049
    ID: 38088695
    cytochrome b6/f complex subunit V [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (20320..20433, complement)D9L08_pgp059
    ID: 38088693
    ribosomal protein L23 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (317..592)D9L08_pgp083
    ID: 38088690
    Ycf2 [Isoetes cangae]NC_039392.1 (124622..131005, complement)D9L08_pgp002
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