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Chenopodiaceae is a family of eudicot in the order Caryophyllales.

Taxonomy ID: 1804623

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 110785398
cysteine synthase, chloroplastic/chromoplastic [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]Chromosome 3, NC_079489.1 (18649683..18659235)CS-B, cysK
ID: 2715607
photosystem II protein D1 [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (217..1278, complement)SpolCp002
ID: 110797457
ribosome-binding factor PSRP1, chloroplastic-like [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]Chromosome 3, NC_079489.1 (7045062..7048335, complement)CS-S5, CS5, PSRP1, PSrp-1, RPS30, S22, rps22
ID: 110801165
sucrose-phosphate synthase-like [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]Chromosome 1, NC_079487.1 (106944236..106951685)SPS, sps1
ID: 2715644
30S ribosomal protein S2 [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (14371..15081, complement)SpolCp011
ID: 2715634
RNA polymerase beta'' chain [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (15357..19430, complement)SpolCp012
ID: 2715612
photosystem II reaction center subunit VI [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (62830..62949, complement)SpolCp041
ID: 2715611
cytochrome b559 alpha subunit [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (62958..63209, complement)SpolCp042
ID: 2715610
photosystem II protein D2 [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (31507..32568)SpolCp018
ID: 2715609
PSII 43 kDa protein [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (32516..33937)SpolCp019
ID: 110795972
photosystem II 22 kDa protein, chloroplastic-like [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]Chromosome 2, NC_079488.1 (113072499..113076979)CP22, psbS
ID: 2715693
cytochrome b6/f complex subunit N [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (27285..27374)SpolCp015, ycf6
ID: 2715633
RNA polymerase beta' chain [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (19591..22380, complement)SpolCp013
ID: 2715632
RNA polymerase beta chain [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (22406..25618, complement)SpolCp014
ID: 2715580
ATPase IV subunit [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (13423..14166, complement)SpolCp010
ID: 2715579
ATPase III subunit [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (12485..12730, complement)SpolCp009
ID: 2715578
ATPase subunit I [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (10770..12089, complement)SpolCp008
ID: 2715575
ATP synthase CF1 alpha chain [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (9181..10704, complement)SpolCp007
ID: 3885560
maturase K [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (1783..3300, complement)SpolCp148
ID: 2715705
ORF45 protein [Spinacia oleracea (spinach)]NC_002202.1 (112082..112219)SpolCp083
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