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Amborella trichopoda

Amborella trichopoda is a species of flowering plant in the family Amborellaceae.

Taxonomy ID: 13333

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 18438039
agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL9 homolog [Amborella trichopoda]NW_006499436.1 (1262781..1295413, complement)AMTR_s00013p00103080
ID: 2597962
cytochrome b6/f complex subunit N [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (32577..32666)AmtrCp015, ycf6
ID: 2597961
photosystem II protein I [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (9625..9735)AmtrCp006
ID: 2597960
photosystem II protein T [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (80737..80844)AmtrCp050
ID: 2546620
30S ribosomal protein S7 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (148980..149447)AmtrCp090
ID: 2546619
cytochrome b6/f complex subunit 4 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (83116..84331)AmtrCp054
ID: 2546618
cytochrome B6-F complex subunit 5 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (72660..72773)AmtrCp041
ID: 2546617
NADH dehydrogenase 49 kDa subunit [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (130195..131376, complement)AmtrCp084
ID: 2546616
apocytochrome f precursor [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (68392..69354)AmtrCp035
ID: 2546615
NADH dehydrogenase 27 kDa subunit [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (54102..54779, complement)AmtrCp026
ID: 2546614
cytochrome b6 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (81463..82891)AmtrCp053
ID: 2546613
NADH dehydrogenase 30 kDa subunit [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (53519..53995, complement)AmtrCp025
ID: 2546612
NADH dehydrogenase 18 kDa subunit [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (127294..127836, complement)AmtrCp082, frxB
ID: 2546611
50S ribosomal protein L14 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (87318..87686, complement)AmtrCp060
ID: 2546610
ribosomal protein S16 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (6154..7214, complement)AmtrCp004
ID: 2546609
ribosomal protein S15 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (131489..131752, complement)AmtrCp085
ID: 2546608
photosystem II reaction center N protein [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (80899..81030, complement)AmtrCp051
ID: 2546607
30S ribosomal protein S14 [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (41987..42289, complement)AmtrCp020
ID: 2546606
RNA polymerase alpha chain [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (84561..85565, complement)AmtrCp055
ID: 2546605
acetyl-CoA carboxylase beta subunit [Amborella trichopoda]NC_005086.1 (63111..64733)AmtrCp031
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