NCBI Announcements

  • April 8th webinar: "The NCBI Minute: Introducing MOLE-BLAST"

    Mar 25, 2015

    On April 8th, NCBI will present a five-minute webinar introducing MOLE-BLAST, a tool for clustering targeted sequences, like those from 16s rRNA, with database sequences and providing taxonomic context. MOLE-BLAST can quickly establish taxonomy for sequences from uncultured or environmental sequences. To register, click here.

  • April 1st webinar: "A Practical Guide to Using NCBI BLAST on the Web"

    Mar 24, 2015

    Next Wednesday, April 1st, NCBI will present a webinar on the NCBI BLAST service. The webinar will highlight important features and demonstrate the practical aspects of using NCBI BLAST, the most popular sequence similarity service in the world. To register, click here.

  • dbSNP Build 143 Phase II now available

    Mar 17, 2015

    dbSNP build 143 phase II  includes data for cow, Ciona intestinalis and prairie vole. Build 143 provides more than 537 million submitted and 299 million reference variants for 9 species. You can access build 143 SNP data through the integrated NCBI Entrez system and through FTP. To see complete build statistics, visit the SNP summary page.

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