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GoPath Diagnostics, GoPath Labs

General information

GoPath Diagnostics, GoPath Labs

1000 Corporate Grove Drive
Buffalo Grove
United States - 60089
Organization ID: 507620


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Assertion criteria

Level: Assertion criteria not provided

    Summary of submissions to ClinVar

    Total submissions: 1


    GeneSubmissionsLast Updated
    TP531Oct 15, 2016


    NameSubmissionsLast Updated
    Hereditary cancer-predisposing syndrome1Oct 15, 2016

    Testing in GTR

    Disease nameNumber of tests
    Carcinoma of colon1 test
    Colorectal cancer1 test
    Familial adenomatous polyposis 11 test
    Familial colorectal cancer2 tests
    Familial prostate carcinoma1 test
    Gastrointestinal stromal tumor1 test
    Generalized juvenile polyposis/juvenile polyposis coli1 test
    Glioblastoma1 test
    Glioma1 test
    Lung carcinoma2 tests
    Lynch syndrome2 tests
    Malignant tumor of prostate1 test
    Malignant tumor of testis1 test
    Maturity onset diabetes mellitus in young1 test
    Melanoma1 test
    Neoplasm of the genitourinary tract1 test
    Oligodontia-cancer predisposition syndrome1 test
    Ovarian cancer2 tests