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Inflammatory Disease Section/Clinical Genetics Service (National Human Genome Research Institute)

General information

Inflammatory Disease Section/Clinical Genetics Service
National Human Genome Research Institute
10 Center Drive
Building 10-CRC East, Room B2/5235-C
United States - 20892-MSC 1849

Organization ID: 500005

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Assertion criteria

Level: Assertion criteria not provided

    Summary of submissions to ClinVar

    Total submissions: 3


    GeneSubmissionsLast Updated
    LOC1268632533Oct 20, 2020
    UBA13Oct 20, 2020


    NameSubmissionsLast Updated
    VEXAS3Oct 20, 2020

    Testing in GTR

    Disease nameNumber of tests
    Autoinflammatory syndrome, familial, Behcet-like 11 test
    Chronic infantile neurological, cutaneous and articular syndrome1 test
    Deficiency of adenosine deaminase 21 test
    Familial Mediterranean fever1 test
    Familial amyloid nephropathy with urticaria AND deafness1 test
    Familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome1 test
    Hyperimmunoglobulin D with periodic fever1 test
    Pyoderma gangrenosum1 test
    TNF receptor-associated periodic fever syndrome (TRAPS)1 test