Time After
Time After
Alk P
6 weeks09051214.8ANA: 1:320
7 weeks1 week9604.5Liver biopsy
8 weeks2 weeks11603.0
9 weeks3 weeks10803.0
3 months6 weeks2804.0
4 months10 weeks120
12 weeks401.0
Metformin restarted approximately 4 months later
12 weeks08803.0
13 weeks1 week12402.5ANA still present
14 weeks211202.2
15 weeks39202.1
4 months48002.5
5 months94801.0
6 months13401.0
Normal Values <40 <130 <1.2

Values of ALT and bilirubin were estimated from the figure and converted from times upper limit of normal to absolute values based upon normal values provided.

From: Metformin

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