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Last Revision: August 15, 2023.

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CASRN: 69-23-8

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Drug Levels and Effects

Summary of Use during Lactation

There is no published experience with fluphenazine during breastfeeding. Very limited long-term follow-up data indicate no adverse developmental effects when other phenothiazines are used alone. Because of the lack of published experience with fluphenazine during breastfeeding, other antipsychotic agents may be preferred, especially while nursing a newborn or preterm infant. Monitor the infant for drowsiness and developmental milestones, especially if other antipsychotics are used concurrently.

Drug Levels

Maternal Levels. Relevant published information was not found as of the revision date.

Infant Levels. Relevant published information was not found as of the revision date.

Effects in Breastfed Infants

Relevant published information was not found as of the revision date.

Effects on Lactation and Breastmilk

Like other phenothiazines, fluphenazine elevates serum prolactin and has caused galactorrhea.[1] The elevation is related to serum levels and lasts 2 to 4 weeks with the depot injectable formulation.[2,3] The maternal prolactin level in a mother with established lactation may not affect her ability to breastfeed.

Alternate Drugs to Consider

Haloperidol, Olanzapine, Quetiapine, Risperidone


Kelly DL, Conley RR. A randomized double-blind 12-week study of quetiapine, risperidone or fluphenazine on sexual functioning in people with schizophrenia. Psychoneuroendocrinology 2006;31:340-6. [PubMed: 16198059]
Hooper JH, Jr, Welch VC, Shackelford RT. Abnormal lactation associated with tranquilizing drug therapy. JAMA 1961;178:506-7. [PubMed: 14448766]
Meltzer HY, Fang VS, Goode DJ. Prolactin and neuroleptics: Clinical implications for efficacy and toxicity. The effect of neuroleptics and alpha-methyl-para-tyrosine on serum prolactin levels in laboratory animals and man. Psychopharmacol Bull 1978;14:5-7. [PubMed: 625539]

Substance Identification

Substance Name


CAS Registry Number


Drug Class

Breast Feeding


Milk, Human

Antipsychotic Agents


Disclaimer: Information presented in this database is not meant as a substitute for professional judgment. You should consult your healthcare provider for breastfeeding advice related to your particular situation. The U.S. government does not warrant or assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information on this Site.

Copyright Notice

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